Friday, 6 February 2015

Week 5!

So, last week there was no change. I felt a bit down but reminded myself that maintaining is better than putting on. I got my period this week which, due to my PCOS, had been absent at my higher weight so I knew I must be doing good things for my body. I also knew that I'd had a lot of chocolate cravings and feeling too poorly to exercise, and I know you can put on a lot of weight just by being on your period so I was unsure what to expect. But. 800g down! Here's to cracking into the 80s next week!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Week 3 - feeling positive

I thought I could feel it working. I've eaten less crap this week and tried hard to move more. I've been swimming twice, and trampolining twice and I've done some more walking where possible. I've readjusted my thinking about what constituted treats and I've tried to avoid stuffing my face before bed - one of my biggest weaknesses. Even last night when I went out with friends I ate no more or less than they did and felt satisfied but not stuffed. Progress, I think.
I've got "apply for karate" on my to do list for today as well as going to the gym. I'm also considering applying and thus training for a marathon, probably in October. If I can come up with a realistic training schedule I might seriously go through with it. Gulp.
According to the scales I've lost 0.6kg. 600g or just over half a kilo this week. How amazing is that? I'm off to find things that weigh 600g to add to my food bank box. Fingers crossed to hit a new number at the beginning of the scales next week!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Week 2 - 100g down!

The scales are moving in the right direction - down! I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that 100g isn't very much. I'm going to put a 100g packet of Super Noodles in the food bank box to celebrate. Later I'm going to weigh things like toothbrushes and deodorant so I can add those in if possible!
I've signed up to tennis classes and I'm going to email about karate. I've been dragging my feet over applying but I want to and must. I *will* be a slim, sylph-like ninja! This week daily swimming and trampolining-where-possible will begin. I'm transferring my crisp addiction to a chocolate twist addiction but that's ok, step by step. Much fewer fizzy drinks this week.
Next week, breakfasts will be freezer waffles and juice, lunches will be 3 days curry, rice and pitta and two days other freezer leftovers. Dinners will be some healthier instant noodles and instant soup. I'm still feeling positive. Little by little!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Scales week 1

I forgot to post this! It's from Saturday 10th January 2015 and it's in kilos.  Let's see how it changes this weekend!

Exercise day 1

I went swimming for half an hour before work this morning, then I did a bit of trampolining and I've done more than usual walking today too - it's really cold and windy!
I've decided for this week to skip tomorrow as I have a long day, then get back to it on Friday-swim before work, gym and trampolining afterwards. Swim and/or gym on Saturday and Sunday then ON IT on Monday morning ready for a full exercise week. I'm feeling much better this week-almost completely over my cold.I've eaten a fair amount this week, I have a better plan for next week so I'm interested to see the scales result - I'll probably do it Saturday morning.

Saturday, 3 January 2015


New year's resolutions.
This time in 2016 I want to be 9 stone 7, or at least have seen that some time in 2015.
So, I'm switching to metric and adding some motivation. I'll start weighing myself in kg from now on, and I'll donate the equivalent weight lost in food to the local food bank. I'm really excited about this idea, as it'll be a great visual motivator and will help others who need it. I'm also going to burn candles per lb as I bought 100 tealights from Ikea!
The plan? I'm giving up crisps and fizzy drinks from the 4th onwards. I've got the leftover coke zeros from Christmas and once they're gone that's it. Apart from that just healthy, dairy-free and cheap eating. Sounds so easy, doesnt it?
Exercise- I'm going to take up karate again. On Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. I'll do one other evening group with Ruth. Then, swimming every morning before work. It'll mean getting up at 6, and being at the pool for 6.45 and hoping my hair survives 30 mins and I can still get to work on time. In the evenings I've got a mini trampoline, a cross trainer and a stack of dvds. No excuses there. When it is lighter and warmer I'll start running again and maybe I'll substitute parkrun for an early morning swim. I'll also hit the gym with family on Sunday afternoon.
Sounds good and do able doesn't it? I'm going to take progress and scale photos. I've bought a fancy mask so I don't have to worry about you seeing my face.
I'm determined. I'll feel so much better and I'll save money too.
I've also decided to revisit this at the end of every month as sometimes looking too far into the future puts me off.

First half stone: buy new make up and go out
One stone: nice haircut and get brows done
1.5 stone: Donate too big clothes, mini shopping spree
Two stone: new knee length boots
2.5 stone: family photo shoot
Three Stone: new dress from Caroline's Facebook shop
3.5 stone: join online dating
Four stone: Go on mini shopping spree in Desigual
4.5 stone: get tattoo, be happy, go on beach holiday in bikini

Let's see how we get on.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Week 1

So, here we begin. 14 stone the week of Christmas. Can I be 13 stone 12.5 in a week? Let's see.